History on the Side

As you might notice, the title of my blog is Jesus at the Center. However, it occurred to me this week that I am rarely writing specifically about Jesus. I largely attribute that to a change in my interests and foci in the writing. When I began this blog, I wanted to focus primarily on Christocentric hermeneutics of Scripture, practical theology with a focus on the Gospels, and linking popular cultural norms with Christian ideals. However, my interests have begun shifting to trying to understand historic missional movements and the key leaders behind these efforts.

So I asked the question: “Can I still call this blog Jesus at the Center, if most of posts don’t specifically focus on Jesus?” As I wrestled through that I question, I came to a point where I had to recognize that Jesus is still at the center of everything we do, if we make him the focus. That means that church history, ecclesiology, and missiology can all still be Christ-centered if we intentionally approach it from that perspective. Not every one of my historical topics have been specifically Christ-centered, but I’m making it my goal moving forward to try to incorporate a Christocentric focus when it fits.

With all of this in mind, I want to refocus my blog’s identity: Jesus at the Center—History on the Side. I love this idea of keeping Jesus at the center and still making church history a significant part of what we do. This doesn’t mean that every post will always include history, nor does it mean that every post will explicitly focus on the person of Christ, but they will likely relate to both themes in some capacity.

In the next couple of posts I am hoping to focus on some of the greatest church leaders throughout history and how their leadership points to Christ. If you have suggestions for leaders to focus on, please send them to me at mbbrickner@gmail.com. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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